10 Stylish Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors 24x36" for Any Home

Posted by Victoria Primicias on

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom? Look no further than 24x36 in. rectangular bathroom mirrors. They're the perfect size — not too big or too small, just right for any bathroom. Rectangular mirrors are often overlooked and underrated considering their style and functionality.

24x36" rectangular bathroom mirror above bathtub
Rectangular stained glass mosaic mirror with yellow diamonds by Primi Mosaics
H Framed Rectangular Beveled Edge Bathroom Vanity Mirror in Champagne silver_Home Depot 24x36
Rectangular beveled edge bathroom vanity mirror in champagne silver from Home Depot
Adelee Blue Wood Quatrefoil Wall Mirror with Bone Inlay 26x36_wayfair
Adelee Blue Wood Quatrefoil wall mirror with bone inlay from Wayfair

One of the best things about this mirror size: they're just so simple! The clean lines and geometric shape of a rectangular mirror can give your bathroom a fresh and modern vibe, while also complementing a bunch of different design styles.

Refreshingly Rectangular Bathroom Mirror 24 x 36_Shades of Light
Refreshingly Rectangular Mirror from Shades of Light
Julchen Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror 24x36_Wayfair
Julchen Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror on Wayfair
Geometric Metallic Mirror 24x36 in_Kim Eubank_Artful Home
Geometric metallic mirror by  Kim Eubank on Artful Home

And let's talk about reflection space. With this mirror, you'll have all the room to get ready for the day. You'll have a full view of your face and body, making it easy to apply makeup, shave, or style your hair.

Hayek Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror_Wayfair
Hayek rectangle metal wall mirror on Wayfair
Madeline Rattan Wall Mirror by Celerie Kemble on Perigold
Madeline rattan wall mirror by Celerie Kemble on Perigold

But that's not all! If you hang it horizontally, it can make your small bathroom look bigger. No more feeling cramped in your tiny bathroom. Plus, it's perfect for those darker color schemes or low-light bathrooms.

HomGarden 24" x 36" Rectangular Wall Mirror with Black Metal Frame from Walmart
HomGarden rectangular wall mirror from Walmart
Francesco 24x36" landscape rectangular bathroom mirror above sink
Francesco 24X36" mirror for the bathroom by Primi Mosaics

Whether you're trying to make a statement or just want a subtle accent, a 24x36 in. mirror can add a touch of class and style to your space. So don't settle for anything less. Upgrade your bathroom with a rectangular mirror today!

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