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Grouting the Beatrix mirror


I didn't take to mosaics like a duck to water. 

On the first day of Mosaic Class 101 during the fall of 2018, I was terrified of handling glass, much less cutting it. It didn't help that on day two, I cut myself badly. Squeamish as I am around blood (I look away whenever a nurse draws blood), I was having second thoughts about continuing. But I dislike the thought of losing money, and generally speaking (sometimes to my detriment), I'm not a quitter. I was determined to finish the class. And so I did.

Imagine my surprise when, half a year later, I found myself creating mosaic mirrors and selling them both online and offline. More surprisingly, I was enjoying the process immensely.

What I learned in class was that I was fearful of cutting glass with the classic tools of the trade, including the pencil-like Toyo glass cutter. I don't have enough hand strength to score glass. I'm timid about snapping glass with my bare hands, too. I feel that I'm an accident waiting to happen. But I like working with my hands a lot! Plus, I've always loved the look of mosaics. There's a beauty in the way they're can be perfectly imperfect. They're old and new. They're broken and last forever.

So within the wonders of Google, I stumbled across manual tile cutters commonly used to cut ceramics for backsplashes and shower stalls. Hurrah! A path opened for this wannabe mosaic artist. There was one caveat. Tile cutters cut only straight lines. And that's how my mirrors came to be.

Today, I'm able to harness my instinct for precision and creativity through mosaic mirrors. My designs are inspired by Art Deco, the Prairie School, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Arts and Crafts Movement. Traditional yet contemporary, the mirrors add an elegant touch to any space and blend easily with the modern lifestyle.


About Primi Mosaics
Victoria Primicias founded Primi Mosaics in 2019 and is based in Wake Forest, NC. 
Victoria creates her mosaic mirrors in the traditional method, cutting glass by hand
and using quality materials to ensure the mirrors' longevity and durability.

Victoria believes in purposeful design. Her approach is thoughtful and artistic.
Her style is elegant, modern, minimalist and sophisticated.