5 Reasons to Love Horizontal Wall Mirrors

Posted by Victoria Primicias on

Are you tired of feeling like you live in a sardine can? Do you want to feel like you have a lot more space, without actually having to move to a bigger place? Look no further than horizontal wall mirrors! Here are 5 reasons you'll love them.

1. They Make You Feel Fancy

Move over, velvet robes and caviar. Horizontal wall mirrors are the new symbol of luxury. Have you noticed the dearth of horizontal mirrors available? So if you have one, you're special! Finally, a way to feel like a fancy person without actually having to spend money on expensive things.

Set of 3 horizontal wall mirrors in dining room
Photo: Emma Delon Interior Design

2. They're Like Your Own Personal Magic Show

Who needs to pay for a ticket to a magic show when you have a horizontal wall mirror? Watch in awe as it creates the illusion of architectural features and reflects other decorative elements in the room. It's like having your own personal funhouse.
Anglo Arch Metal Wall Mirror_Wayfair
Anglo Arch Metal Wall Mirror

3. They're the Chameleons of the Decor World

Horizontal mirrors are the ultimate decor chameleons. Whether you want them to blend in and create a cohesive look or stand out and be the centerpiece of the room, they can do it all. It's like having a versatile piece of decor that can adapt to your every mood.

Surrey Hills Mirror by Stickley
Surrey Hills Mirror by Stickley

4. They're Perfectly Sized for Fireplaces, Entryways, and Home Offices

Horizontal wall mirrors are the Goldilocks of home decor. They're not too big, they're not too small, they're just right. Plus, they're perfect for above fireplaces, in entryways, and in home offices. They can create a stunning visual effect, make the space feel bigger, and reflect natural light, making the environment more pleasant to work in.

Fireplace mantel 24x36 horizontal wall mirror inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
Francesco 24x36" Fireplace Mantel Mirror by Primi Mosaics

5. They're the Cake You Can Eat Too 

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? With horizontal wall mirrors, you can have decor that's both beautiful and functional. They reflect light, create depth, and add elegance to a room. 

Lanphear Rectangle Wood Wall Mirror by Wayfair
Lanphear Rectangle Wood Wall Mirror

Horizontal wall mirrors are a must-have for any home. They're practical, functional, and versatile, making them the perfect addition to any room. So why not try placing a horizontal mirror above your fireplace or in your entryway and see how it transforms the room? You might just be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

About Primi Mosaics

Primi Mosaics creates horizontal mirrors that salute the past while enhancing the modern lifestyle. Inspired by turn-of-the-century designs of the Arts and Crafts movement, Frank Lloyd Wright and Art Deco, these stained glass mirrors bring a unique style and elegance to both modern and traditional decor.