A Guide to Art Deco Mirrors: Geometric Shapes, Sunbursts, and More

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Due to their opulent and refined appearance, Art Deco mirrors are a popular choice for home design. These are the perfect addition to any space, whether it be in an entryway, on a fireplace mantel, or in the powder room. Bold geometric forms, elaborate patterns, and distinctive hues are hallmarks of Art Deco mirrors.

An Introduction to Art Deco Mirrors

Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, art deco mirrors initially gained popularity. They reflected the then-dominant Art Deco movement. These mirrors stand out due to their geometric shapes, strong lines, and modern designs. High-quality materials including glass, metal, and wood are frequently used in their construction.

Types of Art Deco Mirrors

Geometric art deco mirror
Geometric Shapes
Art Deco mirrors are distinguished by their geometric designs. They frequently exhibit crisp angles and clear lines. Triangles, circles, and squares are a few common geometrical shapes found in Art Deco wall mirrors, making them ideal for contemporary homes.
Sunburst art deco wall mirror
Sunburst Mirrors
Another popular type of Art Deco mirror is the sunburst design. Their round form and outward-pointing spokes serve as distinguishing features. Often composed of metal, these mirrors have a polished appearance and give any room a dash of glitz.


Etch glass art deco mirror

Etched Mirrors
Art Deco mirrors with motifs etched onto the glass' surface are known as etched mirrors. The patterns might be as simple as geometric shapes or more intricate. These decorative wall mirrors lend an elegance to any room.
Venetian art deco mirror
Venetian Mirrors
Venetian mirrors are a particular style of Art Deco mirror that were first produced in Venice. They stand out because of their delicate frames and elaborate embellishments. The mirrors have a distinctive, almost ethereal aspect and are frequently made of glass.
Blue glass art deco mirror
Colored Mirrors
Among Art Deco mirrors, colored mirrors are a special variety. They frequently consist of tinted glass and come in a range of hues, including blue, green, and pink. For giving any room a splash of color, these decorative wall mirrors are ideal.
Silver Hollywood Regency art deco mirror
Hollywood Regency Mirrors
The 1930s and 1940s saw a rise in popularity for Hollywood Regency mirrors, a kind of Art Deco mirror. Large dimensions and an elaborate frame are what define them. Any room would benefit greatly from the drama that these mirrors bring.
Rectangular blue floral art deco mirror 18x36
A mosaic stained glass art deco mirror is a handcrafted piece of art that combines the techniques of mosaics and stained glass to create a stunning decorative mirror. Its modern vintage appeal complements both traditional and contemporary settings.

Buying an Art Deco Mirror

It's crucial to take your home's design and the room where the mirror will be placed into account when purchasing an Art Deco mirror. The mirror's dimensions, form, and materials of construction should all be taken into account. Set a budget before making a purchase because there are many different pricing points for Art Deco mirrors.

Mirrors from the Art Deco era are a timeless and refined complement to any house. Whether you prefer geometric shapes, sunburst mirrors, or etched mirrors, there's an Art Deco mirror that will suit your preferences and décor. So why not utilize an Art Deco mirror to immediately add a touch of glamor and sophistication to your home?

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