Glam Up Your Powder Room: How to Choose the Perfect Art Deco Mirror

Posted by Victoria Primicias on

Art Deco mirror above sink in powder room

Want to impress your guests with some glamour and style? Look no further than an Art Deco mirror! In this blog post, I'll give you some tips on how to select the perfect Art Deco mirror for your powder room and leave your guests saying "ooh la la!"

Mirror Size and Shape

When it comes to choosing the perfect Art Deco mirror, size and shape matter. Don't be that person who chooses a mirror that's too big or too small for your powder room. Trust me; your guests will notice. Instead, choose a mirror that's the right proportion for your space. And when it comes to shape, Art Deco mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, including oval, round, rectangular, and even octagonal. But don't forget, it's hip to be square! Go ahead and get wild with your shapes and leave your guests stunned.

Frame Design and Color

An Art Deco mirror's frame is like the icing on the cake. When selecting a mirror, look for a frame design that matches your personality and the overall decor of your powder room. And don't be shy when it comes to color! Art Deco mirrors are known for their bold and vibrant colors, so go ahead and choose a color that pops. After all, who wants a boring mirror?


You know what's not impressive? A poorly lit mirror. Make sure your Art Deco mirror is well-lit to enhance its beauty and functionality. Consider installing some sconces on either side of the mirror or even a backlight behind the mirror to create a dramatic effect. Your guests will thank you for the perfect lighting.

There you have it, folks! With these tips, you're well on your way to impressing your guests with the perfect Art Deco mirror. Just remember to choose the right size and shape, don't be afraid of bold frame designs and colors, and light it up! Your guests will be saying "ooh la la" and taking mirror selfies before you know it.

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