Entryway Mirrors: 5 Ways They Can Transform Your Home

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An entryway mirror is more than just a pretty piece of furniture; it's also practical decor that may change your space. Here are the top 5 ways a decorative mirror can improve the look of your foyer.

1. Makes the space feel larger

An entryway mirror can reflect light and make your hallway look like a palace. You may even feel like royalty every time you enter or leave your home.

entryway mirror above table by Arhaus
Amelie hallway mirror by Arhaus
large entryway mirror on wall by Perigold
Jarmo wall mirror by Perigold

2. Provides a convenient spot for last-minute touch-ups

Before heading out the door, it's always helpful to have a quick glance at your appearance. An entryway mirror provides a convenient and practical spot for those last-minute touch-ups.

blue and white scalloped mirror on wall
Easton entryway mirror by Oomph
Micah mirror by Shades of Light
Micah rectangular mirror by Shades of Light

3. Adds a decorative touch

An entryway mirror can function as a decorative element that matches the rest of your decor. You may make a statement in your foyer by selecting a mirror with a unique frame that complements your style. Your exceptional taste in house decor may even wow your guests!

Notre Dame stained glass mosaic mirror
Notre Dame stained glass mosaic mirror 24x36 by Primi Mosaics
Wildwood Luton gold round mirror by Stephanie Cohen Home
Wildwood Luton decorative wall mirror by Stephanie Cohen Home
Sculpted black rattan mirror by Anthropologie
Sculpted rattan wall mirror by Anthropologie

4. Reflects your personality

An entry mirror in the foyer not only shows your physical appearance but also your unique taste in furniture. It can reflect your decorating style and provide a unified aesthetic throughout your home. It's as though your particular style is on show for all to see.

Antiqued Murano glass mirror by Inviting Home
Antiqued Murano glass mirror by Inviting Home
Oval wrought iron mirror by Inviting Home
Oval wrought iron mirror by Inviting Home
Pallavi wall mirror by Arhaus
Pallavi decorative wall mirror by Arhaus

5. Makes a bold statement

If you're looking to make a bold statement in your entryway, an oversized mirror can do the trick. It will not only create a focal point but also add drama to your space. Who needs reality TV when you have a dramatic entrance mirror?

Pierre Grand floor mirror by Arhaus
Pierre Grand floor mirror by Arhaus
Lucanus Oversized Silver mirror from France & Son
Lucanus oversized silver mirror by France & Son

An entryway mirror is a versatile item that can transform your space in several ways. From making you feel like royalty to adding drama to your space, an decorative entry mirror is a must-have item for any home!

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