9 Fabulous Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

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How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

You have a beautiful room that you love, but it just seems too dang small! Maybe you've chosen the wrong colors.
Or perhaps everything is too close together. Maybe there's too much decor. Help!

If this is what's happening with you, don’t worry. We've compiled nine fabulous ways to help you make your small room look bigger – little tricks to change your perspective like a decorative wall mirror, or playing with depth. 

Are you ready to go big?

how to make a small room look biggerYour room is your kingdom. It’s a space that speaks about who you are and should reflect your personality. Above all, it must be a spot that you love and enjoy with comfort.

However, if a small room feels tiny, it may be a source of stress. That’s why we gathered all these tips to change the way you look at your private chamber.

First of all, let’s not look at your small room as a problem but as a challenge. Let this be indeed an opportunity to make the most of it and turn it into something incredibly open and airy.

1. Play with contrasting colors

Using very light colors against very dark ones is one of the best ways to add depth and give the illusion of a larger space. By doing so, you'll also add a minimalist touch to your room. Isn’t that brilliant?

Keep in mind that this applies to walls and furniture, as well as everything else in this private space. (Photo credit on right: Lisa Petrole)

2. Hang curtains from the top

Hang curtains close to the ceiling

One trick to make your small room look bigger lays hidden behind the curtains. Most people hang them from the top of the window.

But not you!

Raise the curtains and hang them just below the ceiling. You’ll see that they’ll create the optical illusion that they're much higher. Welcome to a small room that looks bigger! (Photo credit on left: Superior Custom Linens)

3. Fewer (but better curated) decorative elements

Some people fill tiny rooms with dozens of small objects. Don't do this! By displaying too many things, you'll feel overwhelmed just by looking at them. Our brain needs to focus on fewer items to feel at ease.

Remember: Less is more!

To achieve this relaxing and desired effect, it's best to place a few decorative elements, wisely chosen in terms of color and quality. We propose one of the best in the next tip.

4. Multiply the space of your room: the power of a decorative wall mirror

Marrakech decorative wall mirrorOne of the best options to make your room look bigger is the use of mirrors. But don't opt for a regular mirror. They’re so dull!

The best thing you can do is to place a decorative wall mirror in the area where there's more light. As a result, it’ll reflect light that enters through the windows, making your room seem larger and brighter.

If you add one of our handmade mosaic mirrors, you’ll take things to a whole new level. Just have a look at our selection!

5. Optimize storage with boxes

Shaker boxesOne of the easiest ways to increase the size of your room is to use boxes. Store objects inside, preventing them from being visible and producing visual clutter. We already told you that our brains don’t like scattered items, as they feel chaotic. Out of sight, out of mind!

It's not about filling everything with boxes, so be careful! Just choose three or four that look beautiful and stack one on top of the other, creating a sense of order. (Photo credit on left: Makié)


Shaker bedroom6. Show some leg

Furniture with visible legs creates the illusion of space. There's a sense of movement as air and light flow over, under, and around them. Tables and chairs appear to float. It's all visual!

If you want to put the icing on the cake, choose a light tone for your bed linens. The bed mattress area, being so large, reflects light more than any other item in the room. And it’ll look impeccable! (Photo credit: Superior Custom Linens)
7. White it out 

White is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight, so it will make your room brighter and airier. Not a big fan of white? Then stick to lighter colors and paint the ceiling the same shade, forcing your eye to travel upwards.

Voilà, a larger room! Joni Mitchell was right. It's cloud illusions I recall...

how to make a small room look bigger8. Extend some lines

Do you know why a horizontal striped shirt makes us look fat? It's because the eye is guided from one side to the other, making us look wider. The same principle applies to walls and ceilings. And not only horizontally, but also vertically! Emphasize the vertical to make rooms taller, and the horizontal to make rooms wider. It's all about movement! (Photo credit on right: Lisa Petrole)

9. It's not so much about adding

One of the best tips to make optimal use of small spaces is the one we selected to close the article: stop adding more and more things to your tiny room as this will only produce an increased sense of lack of space.

If you want your room to look bigger, use objects such as a decorative wall mirror to reflect light, and opt for contrasting colors. Above all, remove from it anything you don't need. This little change generates a greater sense of space and peace of mind than any other. Get down to work and see for yourself!



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