How to Use Decorative Wall Mirrors to Make Your Home Shine

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Do you think your home could use some sprucing up? Look no further than the enchanted, enigmatic mirror! These shiny marvels are the ultimate decorating staple - they can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more modern all at once! It's like a triple treat, but for interior design.

Decorative wall mirrors can also be the perfect focal point for any space. They can add a touch of glamour and sophistication, or even just be a fun way to mix things up. Plus, they're great for checking yourself out before answering the door. Because let's face it, you never know who's going to show up.

Now, if you're thinking "where do I even start?", fear not! We've got some tips to get you going.

First Things First: Focus on Shape and Frame

When it comes to choosing a mirror to spice up your game, the options are endless! Do you want metal, wood, plaster, or leather? Rectangular, square or oval? Simple or ornate? The key is to find a mirror that has character and will add a unique touch to your space. But don't break the bank — hit up flea markets, thrift shops, and local auctions for some vintage finds. You never know what hidden gems you might find! Plus, a vintage mirror comes with a story to tell, adding even more character to your space.

Where to Hang Those Bad Boys

Now, where to hang these bad boys? Position them where they'll magnify the light in the room and bounce it into dark corners. Place them opposite a window to grab that natural light and make the room brighter. But be mindful of how high you hang them — you don't want any awkward naked gaps on the wall.

So, you have a fireplace huh? You know what they say, it's the heart of the home! So why not give it a little love? Start by finding a mirror that's not just any ordinary decorative mirror, but one that screams "I'm fabulous!" like your favorite aunt's leopard print coat.

Venetian decorative mirror hangs over a fireplace mantel in living room
A Venetian mirror is like a diva, commanding attention and stealing the show wherever it goes.
(Photo: Skinners of Turnbridge Wells)


But don't stop there! Those poor neglected hallways need some love too. You know the ones we're talking about, those tall, narrow walls that everyone ignores. How about a mirror above an entryway bench to make it look like you're living in a palace? After all, don't you want to check your reflection before opening the door to your admiring friends and family? 

When it comes to hanging a mirror over a piece of furniture, you gotta get it just right. Don't leave it too close or too far away. Follow the formula: four to eight inches above the furniture or architectural feature below it, but don't get too crazy if you've got high ceilings. And whatever you do, don't create a weird gap between the mirror and the furniture or mantel. We want chic, not awkward.

Dining Room Mirrors and Other Fancy Stuff

Now, let's talk about the real reason you need a mirror in the dining room — dinner parties! Not only will it catch the glow from your fancy lighting fixtures and candles, but it will also make your guests feel like they're dining in splendor. Who needs a Michelin star restaurant when you've got a fantastic mirror hanging above your credenza? 

Mosaic stained glass mirror in dining room
This custom mirror with stained glass by Primi Mosaics creates depth and dimension, adding spaciousness to the room.


Gallery walls are a popular trend in home decor. They're like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get! But if you want to mix it up, mirrors in interesting frames are a sweet addition.  

Gallery wall with mirrors by Life by Leanna

Life by Leanna created this adorable gallery wall of mirrors that makes the room sparkle.

Whatever you do, don't put those mirrors too close to each other. We don't want them getting into a fight or anything. Before you start drilling holes willy-nilly, let's get a little crafty. Cut out craft paper in the sizes of your art and mirrors, then tape them to the wall. This way, you can play around with different configurations without committing to a bunch of holes in the wall. Who said decorating can't be fun?

Now, if you want to add some extra oomph to your bedside table game, it's time to get creative. Why not hang a mirror behind the lamp next to your bed? Not only will it light up your life, but it will also fill that pesky negative space with style. And at night, those mirrors will bring an extra dose of reflection into the room. Who needs beauty sleep when you can have beauty mirrors?

Small mirror above bedside tables flanking the bed.

So there you have it, folks. Mirrors are the ultimate home decor hack. They're like a magic wand — but instead of turning pumpkins into carriages, they turn boring rooms into remarkable spaces. Happy decorating! 

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