Prairie Style Mirrors: Not Just for Narcissists

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most practical of them all? That would be Prairie Style mirrors, my friend. The pinnacle of good taste and minimalist design are Prairie-style mirrors. These mirrors are the ideal option for anyone looking to add a bit of refinement to their home thanks to their simple lines, natural materials, and understated elegance.

Wright on Time

The Prairie Style was the brainchild of Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect and design genius who knew that less is more. His designs are all about clean lines and understated elegance. While Wright is responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in the world, one thing he didn't design was mirrors.

Mirrors, in Wright's opinion, were obtrusive, frequently utilized for adornment rather than practical purposes, and did not align with his natural aesthetic. He believed that rather than including extraneous characteristics, people should concentrate on a space's intended use.

Taliesin Mirror by Frank Lloyd WrightTaliesin mirror

Despite this fact, there are a couple of mirrors associated with Frank Lloyd Wright. One is the Taliesin mirror featuring a distinctive geometric design. In 1955, he partnered with the Heritage-Henredon furniture company to create a collection intended for the American mass market. There were 63 items in the Taliesin Collection, which was ahead of its time.

Form Meets Function

The Prairie Style mirrors available today are inspired by Wright's stained glass windows, which are characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and natural materials. These sleek specimens of reflective wonder are all about form and function, with none of that fussy ornamentation to clutter up your space.

Decorative wall mirror inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
Francesco mirror inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's "Tree of Life" mirror by Primi Mosaics
Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin D. Martin House mirror
Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin D. Martin House mirror (Photo: Mackintosh Design)

Materials Matter

So what makes a Prairie Style mirror so special? For one thing, they're made from the best stuff on Earth. Okay, maybe not the actual Earth, but pretty close. You'll find them crafted from wood, metal, and stained glass, all carefully chosen to highlight the natural beauty of the materials. Perfect for entryways, living rooms, and bathrooms, Prairie Style mirrors are the go-to choice for anyone who wants a minimalist look without sacrificing style.

In conclusion, anyone looking for a mirror that is equally attractive and useful should consider a Prairie Style piece. They are the pinnacle of good design sense with their simple lines and organic materials. So go ahead, take a good long look at yourself in one of these mirrors. You'll like what you see.

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