8 Types of Decorative Wall Mirrors

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Mirrors can be used for more than getting ready for the day. They can also be displayed as works of art to beautify and complement your home. Many types of decorative wall mirrors exist, each one with a distinctive style. Listed below are some of the more popular types.

Mosaic decorative wall mirror

Mosaic Mirrors

One of the most admired forms of decorative wall mirrors is the mosaic mirror. They are composed of small shapes made of stone, glass, or ceramic that have been arranged in a pattern or design. These mirrors give a dash of color and texture to any space and go well in boho or eclectic settings.


Square stained glass mirror

Stained Glass Mirrors

Another style of decorative wall mirror is a stained glass mirror. These mirrors complement classic or vintage-inspired decor since they are made of colored glass that has been arranged to create a design or pattern on the border. They also add a touch of class and beauty to any space.



Mosaic stained glass decorative wall mirror

Mosaic Stained Glass Mirrors

Mosaic stained glass mirrors combine the two types above but grout is used in place of lead to fill the interstices. The result is a stunning and beautiful piece of art that reflects light in an eye-catching and elegant way. 


Etched decorative wall mirror

Etched Mirrors

A design is scribed onto the surface of a mirror to produce an etched mirror. The pattern might be anything from a straightforward geometric shape to a complex piece of art. These mirrors provide a sense of individuality and customization to any space and work well in modern or transitional settings.


Starburst decorative wall mirrors

Starburst Mirrors

Starburst mirrors are decorative mirrors with a radial spoke or ray frame that gives them a distinctive sunburst effect. Because of their striking appearance, they are popular and frequently utilized as focal points in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways.


Carved decorative wall mirror

Carved Mirrors

Mirrors that have been intricately carved with patterns or designs are known as carved mirrors. These mirrors provide a sense of warmth and texture to any space and perform well in classic or rustic settings.


Gilded gold wall mirror

Gilded Mirrors

Gilded mirrors are ornate wall mirrors that have a thin coat of gold leaf or gold paint applied to them. These mirrors look great in situations with a vintage or traditional feel.


Geometric wall mirror

Geometric Mirrors

Geometric mirrors are decorative wall mirrors with a recognizable geometric shape. These mirrors work well in modern or contemporary settings and add a sense of sophistication and elegance to any room.

As you can see, decorative wall mirrors come in a wide variety of styles. Consider your home's aesthetic and the room the mirror will be in before selecting one. With the many options available, you can be certain to discover the perfect decorative wall mirror to decorate your home with beauty and flair.

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